My Chicken Guide was created out of a passion for keeping backyard chickens.

As a child I grew up on a rural property caring for a flock of chickens. My love of chicken care has continued into adulthood and am always looking for the best products and latest information in tending to my own flock.

Noticing a lack of quality websites on chicken care I decided to start my own in the aim to raise the standard of and quality of information available.

I am a qualified Environmental Scientist and therefore understand that science based information is important.

This is why I always aim to have scientific peer reviewed references in my articles.

I also aim to have a holistic and complete approach to the information provided on this website and will discuss not only nutrition, but also the best coops, disease, general health, different breeds and the best products available so you can make the best choice in giving your flock optimal care.

I hope you enjoy the content here and find it useful in caring for your feathered friends.

Thanks for being here!

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