Easter Egger Chickens For Sale Online (With Delivery!) Where to Buy Online in 2024

Are you looking for a reputable breeder with the plan to add some Easter Egger chickens to your flock? When looking for Easter Egger chickens for sale most prospective chicken owners want to know that the breeder they buy from will be reputable and have the stocking requirements they need. We have done the research for you and put together the top 3 chicken breeders and hatcheries that stock Easter Egger chickens and also have solid breeder reputations plus the convenience of delivery!

easter egger chickens for sale
Easter Egger chickens lay different colored eggs which make them a popular and novelty choice amongst chicken keepers

Easter Eggers are a popular choice for the backyard flock. Not only are these chickens weather hardy and family friendly, they are also reliable egg layers and will lay up to 200 blue and green colored eggs per year. Keep reading to find the top 3 chicken hatcheries online that supply and also deliver Easter Egger chickens!

Easter Egger chickens for sale online with free delivery!

Our Top Pick


Based in Lebanon, Missouri , Cackle Hatchery is a 3rd generation family owned and operated hatchery with an excellent reputation for supplying and delivering healthy, robust chicks with a high survival rate.

They all supply hatching eggs and deliver to all US states. There is a 90% sexing guarantee baby chick orders and minimum order is 3 chicks only!

Cackle Hatchery have a live healthy poultry delivery and satisfaction guarantee. Free shipping is available on certain poultry orders and for poultry supply orders over $25 the shipping is also free.

Check out the Cackle Hatchery website for their large range of Easter Eggers.

They also have a wealth of information available on purchasing and caring for chickens from them.


Ships to all states in the U.S

Large variety of chicken breeds at best prices

Also sell chicken supplies

Sexing Guarantee

Free shipping over $25

Great reputation and customer service


All breeds may not be available year round

Some lesser known breeds unavailable

Special conditions apply for shipments to Hawaii.

Second Best


Based in Webster City, Iowa , Murray McMurray Hatchery boasts a state of the art hatchery with a variety of different breeds. They delivery to all US states and there is a 90% sexing guarantee baby chick orders.

McMurray Hatchery have a 48 hour live poultry delivery guarantee. Free shipping is available for poultry orders with a minimum purchase of birds.

Check out the Murray McMurray Hatchery website for all the details.


Ships to all states in the U.S

Supplies a variety of breeds

Also sell chicken supplies

Good Reputation


All breeds may not be available year round

Some state restrictions on product shipping

More expensive than Cackle Hatchery

Third Best


Based in Polk, Ohio , Meyer Hatchery is a large supplier of poultry in the United States. They delivery to all US states and offer more than 160 breeds of poultry.

Meyer Hatchery have offer free shipping on selected minimum orders of poultry. There is a 48 hour guarantee of chick liveability post delivery.

Check out the Meyer Hatchery website for all the details.


Ships to all states in the U.S

Female owned and operated

Also sell chicken supplies

Reputable hatchery


All breeds may not be available year round

Some state restrictions on product shipping

No returns

Most expensive hatchery from our picks


How Do You Find a Reputable Chicken Hatchery?

When selecting a chicken hatchery, it’s important to look for one that has a good reputation for producing healthy chicks. Some factors to consider include the hatchery’s history of producing high-quality birds, the cleanliness of the facility, the types of vaccines and treatments used, and the hatchery’s compliance with local and national regulations. You can also ask for recommendations from other chicken owners or consult online forums including social media groups for advice.

Watching videos like the one below can help inform you on how a hatchery operates. Cackle Hatchery has its own channel and offers a range of informative videos.

Read the hatchery’s policies and procedures to ensure you know as much as possible about how that business operates. Contact your local poultry association as well and request a list of qualified hatcheries. You can also get in touch with your local feed store and ask if they have any recommended suppliers.

What Should I know Before Buying Easter Egger Chicks or Chickens from a Hatchery?

Before buying chicks from a hatchery, it’s important to research the breed of chicken you want and ensure that it is suitable for your climate and living situation.

You should also have a plan for housing and caring for the Easter Egger chicks once they arrive.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to confirm the hatchery’s shipping and delivery policies, as well as any guarantees or warranties they offer.

When is the Best Time to Order Easter Egger Chicks or Chickens?

The best time to order chicks is in early spring. Hatchery’s have the best selection of Easter Egger chicks available from February until June.

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