10 Best Chicken Toys for 2024 to Keep Your Flock Stimulated in their Coop (Updated April 2024)

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Chickens, the same as human beings require stimulation and enriching activities. Chicken toys can fulfil this need. A lack of stimulation for chickens can lead to health and behavioral issues in your flock. These can include bullying, obesity and feather pulling.

These negative behaviors can be evident especially during the winter months, when the colder weather limits their time outside free ranging.

Providing your feathered friends with stimulating chicken toys can keep their boredom and unwanted behavior at bay.

The best chicken toys are ones that engage their senses, activate their instincts and stimulate their brain.

There are many different types of chicken toys available for your flock. We have put together a variety of the best foraging, sensory, physically and mentally stimulating toys available on the market.

We have rounded up our top toy picks for each category mentioned above and also present the best 10 chicken toys further below.

Whatever toy you decide is right for your flock, you’ll be making a great addition to the coop and will positively contribute to the well-being of your chickens.

Our Top 4 Best Chicken Toy Picks!

The 10 Best Chicken Toys for the Coop

10. Chicken Bridge

An ideal place for your chicken friends to swing, play and climb.

Sensory and Physical toy

9. Peck N Play

Rolling toy holds tasty chicken treats and has a jingling bell inside.

Physical and Brain Stimulating Toy

8. Hanging Skewer Feeder

Stimulates chickens’ natural foraging behavior and provides entertainment.

Foraging Toy

7. Chicken Treat Roller

Stimulates natural foraging behavior and engages brain activity.

Foraging, Brain Stimulating and Physical Toy

6. Treat Dispenser

Treats are released as chickens peck at the tubes, keeping them amused and engaged.

Foraging and Brain Stimulating Toy

5. Chicken Mirror

Looking at their reflections, playing with the bell and pecking at the molar gives your chickens a multi stimulating and enriching experience.

Sensory and brain stimulating toy.

4. Hanging Foraging Ball

Stimulates natural foraging activity and keeps chickens active.

Physical activity and foraging toy.

3. Chicken Swing

Entertains chickens by motion and practicing balancing.

Sensory and physical toy.

2. Chicken Feeder Ball

Food is released as chickens peck at the toy, providing lots of fun.

Physical and brain stimulating toy.

1. Chicken Xylophone

Chickens are always attracted by the bright colors. They will explore toys with their beaks and claws generating sound which further peaks their curiosity.

We really enjoyed putting this list together and our personal favourites are No. 1 and No. 4! We hope you find the perfect toy that suits your flock.

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